From the A1 Highway

Inbound from North (from Florence Airport/Bologna A1) suggested exit Firenze Impruneta.

Inbound from South (from Rome A1) suggested exit Firenze Sud.

Inbound from SS (minor highway) Firenze-Siena, follow directions for Firenze Impruneta. 

Inbound from SS Firenze-Pisa-Livorno (minor highway also indicated as FI-PI-LI) enter the A1 Highway in direction for ROME and exit at Firenze Impruneta.


Exit the Highway at Firenze Sud:

  • In 10 minutes you will reach the GARAGE LUNGARNO.
  • Drive through the ZTL electronic access stands at all times
  • Suggestion: reach Piazza Ferrucci

Follow directions for Viale Europa toward the Florence city center, then follow forward to Viale Giannotti for about 2 km, take the roundabout and exit at the second road, then at the light turn left, continue for 200mt on Via Villamagna and when you reach Piazza Ravenna take the second exit.
Continue on Lungarno Cellini and after 1km enter Lungarno Serristori, leave the Ponte alle Grazie on your right and continue straight on Lungarno Torrigiani, then again straight in Via de Bardi, on the right you will see the Ponte Vecchio, turn right towards Ponte Vecchio and then immediately left: you are in Borgo San Jacopo,  99 meters and you have arrived at the Garage.


Exit the Highway at Firenze Impruneta / Firenze Siena:

  • In 15 minutes you will reach the GARAGE
  • Suggestion: cross the ZTL electronic access in Porta Romana/Via Romana

When reaching the roundabout  take the third exit and enter Via Cassia, continue straight on Via Senese, cross the roundabout and on the first exit stay on Via Senese, after 1km turn right (ATTENTION: it is absolutely forbidden to continue going straight in Via Senese) in Via del Gelsomino, then turn left in Viale del Poggio Imperiale.



For those arriving from Porta Romana the directions have varied running from October 2nd to the end of road works by the City of Florence.

At the end of Via Romana keep on the right hand side of the street and drive into Via Guicciardini. The entrance of Borgo San Jacopo is exactly at the access of Ponte Vecchio.



Welcome to the Garage Lungarno.

You have arrived !

GPS coordinates: Latitude 43.767782 - Longitude 11.251580