For all those having to reach the GARAGE LUGARNO, residents and not only, the ZTL is not a problem.


Drive through the city restricted access entrances without any doubts or problems, even when you see the redlight and then all you’ll have to do is come at the GARAGE LUNGARNO within three hours.

We take care of everything, filling in the paperwork and paying for the tax which is part of our all inclusive price.
All you have to do is reach the GARAGE LUNGARNO and leave you keys in the car.


GARAGE LUNGARNO has authorisations through the ZTL limited access areas, except for:

What is the ZTL?


Read about the Limited Traffic Zone in Florence :

In Italy, central areas of city’s where traffic is limited and cars restricted is known as the ZTL. Within this area, driving and parking are regulated by authorities.
The ZTL’s perimeter is regulated by electronic telepass stands that automatically record every plate number entering.

The ZTL is made up from 5 sectors A, B, O, F and G (in the map you can see the exact location of these areas).
In areas A,B, O the ZTL is active all year along, Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. and on weekends from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

From the first Thursday in April to the First Sunday in October the summer ZTL is active, in this period it is extended to all sectors (A, B, O, F  and G) and to the nights going from Thursday to Saturday with the following hours:

Sectors A, B, O
11 PM Thursday – 3 AM Friday
8 PM Friday – 3 AM Saturday
4 PM Saturday – 3 AM Sunday
In these sectors, Friday and Saturday the ZTL is active from 7:30 PM TO 3 AM.

Sectors F, G
11 PM Thursday – 3 AM Friday
8 PM Friday – 3 AM Saturday
4 PM Saturday – 3 AM Sunday

Some on the electronic telepass stands open exclusively for authorities and ambulances and are forbidden 24 hrs a day always.

Click here for map Florence’s ZTL