Drive through the ZTL

Do not stop!

For all those who have to arrive at the Garage Lungarno, residents and non-residents, the ZTL is no longer a problem.

Drive through ZTL

Go through Florence’s electronic gates without worries

Even if the ZTL access is active (red light) within 3 hrs from when you cross it, you can come and park at the Garage Lungarno.

Your parking spot is only 99m away from the Ponte Vecchio.

We take care of everything

 Registering your number plate, paying the city fee and obtaining the permit for the first access.

All you have to do is arrive at the Lungarno Garage and leave your keys in the car.

Prohibitions 24/7 & exceptions

We have all the ZTL access authorizations except for: Via Senese inbound (towards Florence).

Also you can not use the traffic lanes reserved for: public transport and preferential transport or drive in the pedestrian area (except for Via De’ Bardi and Piazza Pitti).


How does the ZTL work?

To access the ZTL your vehicle will be registered by our staff only upon arrival at the Lungarno Garage and will be valid only while your vehicle remains parked in the Garage.

Once you exit the Garage the ZTL permit will no longer be effective.

The ZTL is made up of five sectors: A, B, O, F and G

It is advisable to view the map for the exact location

Book your parking in a few clicks

Our parking spot is at only 99m away from the Ponte Vecchio. So Close!