How to book, arrive and park at the Garage Lungarno


Yes of course. Sometimes it happens to change plans or ideas and we believe it is correct, as provided  by the law, to be able to cancel. We ask you however to communicate your intentions by midnight 3 days prior to the date of your arrival. All you have to do is forward your confirmation email to and write CANCEL in the object.
We guarantee to reimburse the entire sum you paid when booking in a few days.If you want to know more please read further details on the contract click here.

It is possible to directly pay when reaching the GARAGE LUNGARNO but it is not possible for online offers this policy guarantees you to receive the best all-inclusive offer, a guaranteed parking spot and a fast check-in.

Yes. The online payment method certified by PAYPAL allows you to pay with the main credit cards even if you do not have a PAYPAL account.

Getting here

To access the ZTL your vehicle will be registered by our staff only upon arrival at the Lungarno Garage and will be valid only while your vehicle remains parked in the Garage.

Once you exit the Garage the ZTL permit will no longer be effective.

The entire area of ​​the historic center of Florence is defined, for the purposes of mobility, as a Limited Traffic Zone (ZTL)

Within this area, access, circulation and parking are regulated by specific rules.

The ZTL is delimited by a series of telematic gates on which Telepass technology equipment is mounted, indicated by special signs, which automatically detect the number plates of all the vehicles passing through it.

In sectors A, B and O, the ZTL is active all year round, on weekdays, at the following times: Monday to Friday from 7.30 to 20 and Saturday from 7.30 to 16.

From the first Thursday of April to the first Sunday of October the Summer Night ZTL is active. The discipline of the ZTL, in this period, is extended to all sectors (A, B, O, F and G) also on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

For the Summer Night ZTL is active from 7 April to 2 October with the following times:

  • from 11.00 pm on Thursday to 3.00 am on Friday
  • from 11.00 pm on Friday to 3.00 am on Saturday
  • from 11.00 pm on Saturday to 3.00 am on Sunday

Among the gates there are some (intended exclusively for public transport and emergency services) which are always prohibited, 24 hours a day.

Don’t worry, every road will take you to the center and to the GARAGE LUNGARNO.
The road conditions in the city center often vary and change but with our support you will get to 99mt from the Ponte Vecchio. Visit the “Getting here” page for further details.


Yes. For safety purposes, logistics and check-in you will have to turn off the engine and leave the cars inside the vehicle.

Yes, of course. An area of the GARAGE LUNGARNO is reserved to motorbikes. For further information and prices click here

Yes, of course. Your car will always be where you left it, inside the GARAGE LUNGARNO and our staff will guide  you back to get what you forgot

It can happen! Don’t worry we are here to help you.

Our staff automatically takes care of all the paperwork with your plate number but in case you were to receive a fine contact us immediately and we’ll try to solve the problem.

Send us the complete fine ( fine and envelope) as pdf file at within 3 days of receiving the report.

The maximum height allowed is of 2.10mt from any type of vehicle.

Yes, if the car is equipped with a standard LPG system and fitted with a solenoid valve to the tank.
Access is not allowed with non-approved LPG systems or with cylinders.

A few steps away from the Ponte Vecchio

Your parking spot is only 99m away from the Ponte Vecchio. So Close!