Regulation for the purchase of goods and services
Florence, January 2023

The services contained in the present Rules, car spots within a private garage, covered and restricted and identifiable via a sign on the road GARAGE LUNGARNO are sold by Garage Lungarno SAS di Alberto Bellini & C. con sede operativa e fiscale in Borgo San Jacopo 10 ( 50125 – Firenze), Pec : partita IVA 05329840481 which in the following contract will be called “Garage Lungarno”.

The following list of indications regulate the relationship amongst the provider of services and its users ( which will subsequently be defined as users/clients). The USER that chooses the service, selects in his name, GARAGE LUNGARNO to book the parking service selected and requested. He accepts all privacy bylaws disciplined by L.675/96 when filling out personal information on the web page if requested and corresponds to the price of the service in advance in order to carry out the service (article 1719 civil code) and is thereby asked to respect all general conditions included in the present contract. The present contract must be read and approved in all its parts before booking and purchasing.

The object of the service is online purchase of areas of the parking lot/garage as indicated in the sale offer for a predetermined time and agreed upon on the website managed and owned by GARAGE LUNGARNO.

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The introduction of the vehicle in the *parking* area, provides the acceptance of the Rules mentioned in Art. 2 and the subsequent provision of a service while the USER is asked to arrive and park the vehicle in the waiting/check-in area at the entrance of the GARAGE LUNGARNO, turn the engine off and await for our staff.
The USER is asked to present a payment receipt obtained after having booked as proof of the purchased service, valid both in paper or digital format, in case the USER has already booked when parking his vehicle.
In case the USER does not show the receipt proving booking and payment have already been registered during the parking process the USER will have to purchase the service or he will be able to step back and not use the service presumably booked and will leave the GARAGE LUNGARNO without further claims.
Rates are visible in the GARAGE LUNGARNO’s entrance and online. By presenting the receipt and its cancelling a contract inherent to the availability of a parking spot is cancelled and concluded. Payment of the service is allowed only be cash, credit card and debit cards belonging to VISA and Mastercard circuit inside the GARAGE LUNGARNO, while online USER will be able to use other credit cards and Paypal.
Payment takes place via a virtual counter to ensure the transaction’s security. When payment information is protected by SSL with an encryption key length of 128 bits, the maximum length commercially available. with 128-bit encryption, which makes it impossible to intercept the data of the credit card. Using this method and this private transaction on the Paypal platform the GARAGE LUNGARNO does not have any direct access to data belonging to the USER’s credit card.
Reimbursements that need to be transferred to the USER will be within 30 days from the date in which the GARAGE LUNGARNO is informed of withdrawal.

Purchaser/USER agrees to view, carefully read and accept the contracts articles and clauses as a necessary advanced condition to purchase, in accordance to articles i artt. 3 e 4 of the Law.185/1999 (contract at a distance) and art. 12 of Law 70/03 (electronic commerce).
USER purchasing service is obliged to pay for the benefit in the time indicated in the present contract. The information contained in this contract has already been visioned by the USER that expresses this fact, considering that it is a mandatory step in the purchasing process.

The contract amongst the GARAGE LUNGARNO and the CLIENT ends online via the USER’S access at the url where following the indicated procedures, USER states and demonstrates his intentions for the purchase of goods and services as listed on ARTICLE 1 above.
The stipulation of the contract determines that the USER must leave, after having parked, the keys of his vehicle that will be in GARAGE LUNGARNO’s custody. In case the USER does not want to leave his keys, GARAGE LUNGARNO is not to be held responsible for any critical issues connected to not being able to move or remove the vehicle as explained in ARTICLE 2 of the present contract. Any costs relating to removal of moving of the vehicle will be charged on the CLIENT entirely.
Cars not covered by an insurance policy will not be accepted.

The purchase contract is concluded through the precise filling in of the request form and consent to purchase shown through acceptance sent online after having viewed a web page containing a summary of the order form, printable, in which the USER information and the extremes of purchase and payment, any collateral service and right of withdrawal are clearly stated.
GARAGE LUNGARNO is obliged to send via email a receipt of the USER’s purchase with a summary of the essential information, detailed pricing and costs, payment method and any collateral costs. The order and receipt ticket are to be considered delivered when both parts are free to access it. For this reason the USER must keep: the confirmation GARAGE LUNGARNO will send via email containing proof and a summary of the purchase.
GARAGE LUNGARNO is in charge and responsible of informing the USER any substantial information that could or can modify the services purchased on parking areas taking into charge the vehicle and informing the client GARAGE LUNGARNO will maintain the rates published at the moment of purchase. GARAGE LUNGARNO may suspend the services offered entirely or partially in case of changes made in order to enhance the services. GARAGE LUNGARNO has no responsibility on the credit card data provided during purchase on the bank’s website.

Price List for service is present in the site in euro and they express a public offer according to Law 1336 of the current legislation.
Prices, as previously described, include VAT and any other TAX connected to local and city legislation (price for plate upload/permit to enter the ZTL restricted area of the city of Florence).
Pricing indicated correspond to the services offered and remain valid until the date in which USER will receive the service.

Reimbursement of the price of service is provided in case the USER were to decide to withdraw with the following charges:
No charge if cancellation takes place within 14 days from the date of arrival/check-in/booking date
50% charge from 14 days to 3 days before the date of arrival/check-in/booking date
100% charge from 3 days to the actual date of arrival/check-in/booking date
In case the USER were to ask for reimbursement, he must communicate his will to the GARAGE LUNGARNO using a registered mail with return receipt to GARAGE LUNGARNO Borgo San Jacopo 10/, 50125 Firenze/ whose object should be “Reimbursement Request” and via email
to as long as the communication is confirmed by registered letter/mail with return receipt at the GARAGE LUNGARNO Borgo San Jacopo 10/, 50125 Firenze, whose object should be OBJECT: /Reimbursement Request within the next 48 hrs. The postal stamp with the date will be used as proof of the date in which the receipt is released from the date in which communication regarding withdrawal arrives.
Upon receival of mail/post through which USER communicates his right to withdrawal, both parties involved shall not have any further obligations, excluding the cases mentioned in the above article.

GARAGE LUNGARNO does not have any responsibility for any critical event given to extraordinary causes and were not able to provide the contractualized services.
GARAGE LUNGARNO is not responsible towards the USER excluding cases of serious malfunctioning connected to the use of internet network that go beyond providers’ control.
GARAGE LUNGARNO is not responsible of any damage, loss and costs USER will have to face in case the contract were not respected for any cause not dependent on its will.
GARAGE LUNGARNO is not responsible for any illicit or deceitful behavior caused by third parties, credit card issuers and other payment methods, for payment of goods or services, when demonstrated to have worked in any every possible way to protect and guarantee the best experience for the USER.

USER is obliged and to guarantee the payment has been fulfilled with the means listed at Article 3 and all obligations taken by the GARAGE LUNGARNO at Article 5 are essential and explicitly consider that if even one of the aforesaid points were not to be respected, excluding extraordinary causes that do not depend on the GARAGE LUNGARNO will result in the cancellation of the present contract as determined by the italian law ex. article 1456 civil code, without a judicial decision.

According to article 12 of the law 70/2003, GARAGE LUNGARNO informs the CLIENT that every order of purchase is saved in digital format on the GARAGE LUNGARNO’s server and by the qualified staff personnel authorised to do so according to privacy and safety criteria.
Even in the case illustrated that one of the previously shall not be applicable the others will continue to be effective. In the case services should be purchased for someone else consenting to the present terms and conditions are to be considered accepted by who purchases the service for himself and for those whom he is representing.
Any legal conditions connected to the present contract between GARAGE LUNGARNO and the USER will be interpreted and regulated according to italian legislation. GARAGE LUNGARNO retains the right in any occasion to amend or integrate rules, terms or conditions. The updated version of the contract will be uploaded to the site or you can request it directly to the GARAGE LUNGARNO.
For information on the site, through the form present in the section CONTACT US or via email or by calling (+39) 055.282542 (Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., conditions, rates, and any
updates on the site and in its pages

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